Change Up Your Garden with Our Interchangeable Outdoor Accents

Interchangeable Garden Accents

One of the hardest parts about selecting furnishings is choosing just one look you want to embrace. Do you want a colorful look or a neutral one? A floral or coastal theme? You may have puzzled about these deep questions for hours. Days. Weeks. More.

While that newfangled hologram sofa with downloadable fabrics is many years into the future, we can help you out — well, at least in the outdoor accents department. How about a garden table where you can magically change the table top from roses to bluebirds in a few seconds flat? Wow, you may think. You guys sure are wizards.

While we like to think so, we can’t take credit. It’s really just our stepping stone and table base system. Stepping stones, normally used to mark pathways in a garden, perfectly fit into our special Stepping Stone Table Base — and you can change them out as many times as you like to match the season or your changing whims.

And it’s not just us humans that get all the fun — your backyard birdies also can have a change of scenery. Our new Bird Buddy features a space for interchangeable art panels, so your birdies can get a little culture while they dine! Or get several Bird Buddies and erect the first-ever art gallery just for birds. You can tell yourself that they are admiring the new artworks you have on display — but chances are, they are probably just there for the chow. The Bird Buddy is made from metal with a black powder coat finish, durable enough to endure many Maine winters. And its mesh bottom ensures that your birdseed stays dry to help keep your feathered friends healthy. You can set the Bird Buddy anywhere, or hang it up if you prefer.

Your visitors may marvel at your ever-changing accents, giving you that charismatic air of mystery. And we plan on continuing to add designs to this collection every season, so that you’ll always have options. And your birdies will continue to be entertained.