Exclusively Yours

At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we like to think we offer a style you just can’t find anywhere else. And our exclusive items are just that — unique offerings that set us apart, items that we are proud to offer and you’ll be proud to own. We’ve created a collection of household delights that bring that something special to your décor. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Hand Hooked Wool Pillows

Our hand hooked wool pillows are one of our trademarks, and dozens of these cozy accents feature artwork you won’t find anywhere else. Cozy up to artist Dianna Swartz’s whimsical dachshunds, which would look adorable on your bed or sofa. Add a touch of nostalgia with Billy Jacobs. The lush and colorful flowers featured in works by Mary Lake-Thompson. Your guests will likely fall in love with these special pillows and may ask where you found them — but don’t worry. It can be our little secret.

Sturbridge Lantern Lamps

These classic lamps offer a taste of colonial yesteryear, with built-in lanterns for mood lighting with a rustic flair. They’re constructed from solid brass and finished in traditional colors, designed to complement your rustic décor.

Shaker Tables

Beautiful hardwood tables, handcrafted by one of the few remaining Shaker communities, located just few miles from our headquarters. Shaker furniture is built to last, with techniques passed down from generation to generation. You can feel good about purchasing one of our exclusive Shaker tables, knowing it will last through the years and also help support Maine’s hardworking Shaker community.

Stafford Collection

Add a striking floral note to your décor with our delightful Stafford Collection, featuring a striking floral pattern in rose and sage against a background. Match with our Stafford Braided Rugs, which naturally complement these special pieces. This collection allows you to carry this striking design from your living room into the dining area for a naturally seamless look.

Unique Accents

Stackable Apothecary Cabinet

So many little household items just don’t have a home. The very versatile Stackable Apothecary Cabinet provides a home for these household misfits — or use it to neatly store all those stray CDs you have collected over the years. Use together or separately for a storage solution that works for you.

Red Star Stained Glass Holder

Ruby textured stained glass houses a tealight or votive for a beautiful glow and primitive touch. This wonderful accent fits right into the Americana or rustic household and provides a splash of color and illumination.

Wire Scroll and Glass Vase

Simplicity meets elegance in this very unique vase, which can also serve as a holder for your favorite pillar for a unique lighted accent. This special item allows you to beautifully display your floral arrangement, including the graceful leaves and stems.

Starlight Copper Chandelier

A simple bulb becomes a sparkling source of light when placed in our unique Starlight Copper Chandelier. This multi-pointed sphere is made from dozens of panes of glass, framed in copper, reflecting the light and adding elegant illumination to your décor.

Wire Display Tree

This simple, handy tree allows you to easily display ornaments or our Wood Clip Birds to celebrate the season.

We add plenty of new exclusive items to our collection every season. So keep checking our website to find unique furnishings and accents that you can only find at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop!