Embracing Hygge

Creating your cozy with plush seating and comfy bedding

If you browsed any home décor website in 2020, you probably came across the word hygge (and then wondered how the heck you pronounce it).

Hygge (pronounced HOO-gah) is defined by Oxford Languages as “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture).”

So, what exactly does this quality look like? If you have seen pictures of a home with hygge, you may find yourself wanting to walk into the picture and settle down for a long winter’s nap. Hygge and cozy are interchangeable. But it’s a coziness right down to your toes, designed to provide a feeling of incredible warmth and sanctuary in the depths of winter’s darkness and chill. Hygge embraces natural, soft textures, mostly in light colors, earthy accents and plenty of creature comforts stationed around the home for instant access to coziness and a sense of well-being. Avoid using bright or dark colors as much as possible. The overall look should be one of natural softness and be inviting and easy on the eyes, and accents should feature simple lines without excessive ornamentation.

Start with seating with soft, cozy cushioning and a natural look. Our Granite Point Glider & Ottoman in Gray or Coffee provides a natural, cozy-comfy place to relax and sets a natural undertone. Place a neutral throw like the Freeport Ticking Stripe Throw or the Apothecary Quilt in White or Taupe nearby for extra coziness. Or consider the Northport Upholstered Chair & Ottoman in Slate for a soft, super-cushiony starting point.

Your end table should encourage leisurely activities and relaxation, and the lighting should be soft and gentle. Consider a lamp with a built-in accent light, such as the Vinalhaven Table Lamp, for soft illumination when you are settling in for a comfortable night of relaxation. The Country Shaker 2 Drawer End Table in Ivory or Cherry Stain boasts a natural look and offers storage for books, knitting projects, or tasty snacks.

Lanterns accented with natural stones, branches and other items from nature itself offer a pleasing look and that quintessential hygge vibe. Consider the Eventide Lantern Trio Set with Everlasting Drip Pillar Candles or the Cabin Candle Lantern with our Everlasting Drip Pillar Candle to draw attention to your thoughtful natural accents.

Rugs are an essential finishing touch to the hygge living space. Think soft neutrals and textures, the kind that you’d love to have against your bare feet on a cold winter day. Our Ivory Folk Art Family Rug or Allure Collection feature light neutral tones while adding charm and visual interest. The Jasper Meadows or Birch Point Medallion rugs are some other hygge-friendly options to consider.

Last but not least, nothing says hygge like plentiful soft, cozy pillows. Our hand hooked wool pillows naturally lend themselves to the hygge home. Your choice of design is a personal taste that only you can determine. But we might suggest those that stick to mostly neutral colors and embrace a natural theme, such as our Winter Fox or Snowy Squirrel pillows. In non hand hooked wool, other great options would include the Spruce Deer or Together pillows. You could also consider the Sterling Textured Mosaic Pillow for a little dash of the ornate without overwhelming your simple and natural theme.

And make sure you always have plenty of warm drinks, healthy snacks, homemade bread and reading material for those long, cold winters. You’ll be more cozy in your hygge home, with a little help from Sturbridge Yankee Workshop!