Capture Winter’s Beauty

Winter beauty captured in home accents

Winter. Some of us love it, and some of us dread it. But there’s one thing most would agree on — its pristine, icy beauty can be downright breathtaking.

Celebrate the season and capture this beauty with delightful winter accents, such as our Winter Lace Curtains, embroidered with delicate snowflakes and finished with icy glass beadwork. A wintry print, like An Evening Visit by artist Bonnie Fisher highlights the glorious way the evening sun reflects upon the snow and the peace of a simple life. Our Without Winter Glittered Print by artist John Rossini captures the stark look of a winter’s day with an added touch — it is finished with glitter to imitate the sun sparkling on newfallen snow.

Create a cool and frosty look in your bedroom with our Frosty Chenille Bedding accented by a cluster of Everlasting Drip Pillar Candles to evoke that warm and cozy feeling you have by winter’s hearth. Or display a single pillar inside our Wire Scroll & Glass Vase for an extra special wintry accent. Crystal votive holders and tealights placed around your room will cast a wintry glow. Our Elizabeth Window Frame Mirror sets a snowy note in your décor, as well as reflects the beautiful light of your luminaries.

Our Beckett Upholstered Settee in Blue or Gray offers a wintry look, especially when accented by our Frenchman Bay Stained Glass Lamp, featuring embedded clear jewels for an icy, reflective light. Display our Mini Snowflake Wreath on our Snowflake Wreath HolderSnowflake Wreath Holder for wintry appeal anywhere in your home.