All About Pillows

Nothing says “cozy” like a pile of soft, pretty pillows. They lend a homey look to your decor as well as show off your personal style. They can be used to add a splash of welcome color to your décor, or pick up different hues of your room to really tie it all together.

Pillows are about personality. Accents that make you look twice. If décor were a recipe, pillows would be the spice. They give your décor a theme, a splash of color, a season — and maybe even a laugh or two.

So how do you pick out a pillow you’ll love? You pretty much hit the nail on the head — pick out one that you love. It’s okay if it doesn’t perfectly match your room décor — a little eclecticism never hurt anyone. These are very personal accents that are all about self-expression, beauty and a sense of fun.

That’s why we offer as many different designs as we possibly can — so you can find something that truly brings you joy and fits your personality. In our collection, you will find plucky roosters, whimsical dachshunds, glorious florals, sentimental scenes and Maine wildlife. We cannot possibly list all the choices available, so you’ll have to take a look for yourself. And many of our pillows feature artwork by popular, world-famous artists like Dianna Swartz, Billy Jacobs, Mary Lake-Thompson and Sally Eckman Roberts, just to name a few.

Besides looking good, pillows are also great for getting nice and comfy. Use a lumbar pillow like our Night Garden or Birds & Winterberries hand hooked wool pillows to support your tired lower back, or rest your head on our super-soft Kitty Convention or Puppy Posse pillows for a well-deserved afternoon snooze.

And there’s no easier way to decorate for the changing seasons. Celebrate spring with pillows featuring bright florals and spring themes, such as our Turtledove or Springtime Bunny pillows. Bring in autumn’s glorious color with pillows featuring bright foliage or fruits of the season such as our Lab with Leaves or Fall Treasure hooked wool pillows. Mix and match to create a pillow display that suits your personal taste and décor. Don’t be afraid to experiment with something new. You might be surprised how these accents can instantly change the overall look and feel of a room.

Our famous cozy hand hooked wool pillows are designed to last, year after year, and add a sophisticated country touch to your living room or bedroom ensemble. And no matter what designs you choose, their wonderful texture naturally allows them to coordinate for a cohesive, colorful collage — so indulge in any design that tickles your fancy!