The quiet peacefulness of a country setting can be created wherever you live by adapting your interior design to one that features timeless rustic touches. In addition to rustic furnishings and art accents, window treatments can play a big role in creating a sense of rustic serenity, and valances are often used to create the ideal rustic look for kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms and other indoor spaces. When looking for rustic valances to decorate your windows, there are four style options that can help achieve your rustic design vision.

Classic Cottage

When you envision a country cottage, perhaps you imagine a small home with rooms filled with cozy furnishings such as plump couches, plush chairs, vintage-style wooden tables and cabinets, area rugs and plenty of natural light streaming into rooms. This is exactly what many cottages are like. Wall colors may be cream, white or soft colors of grey, green, blue or yellow. There are lots of decorative accents and the entire space has a nice "lived-in" feeling.

Windows are usually decorated with cottage curtains that blend charmingly into the background. Valances for a country cottage should always be a natural fit for the room and its furnishings. Most valances with appealing floral designs are suitable for these windows. However, be mindful when selecting curtain colors so that they don't clash with the decorative intent of the space.


Updated farmhouse décor is country casual in the best way, and these rooms have an airy appeal that makes you feel welcome and happy to be hanging out. Room colors tend to be awash in neutral tones such as off-white, beige, grey, tan and brown. Wood furnishings such as tables, chairs and shelving are strategically placed so they're functional but never overbearing. And because it's a farmhouse theme, you can do things like substitute a picnic table for a standard dining table in the kitchen.

Farmhouse window treatments tend to be minimalist and conservative in color, so bold and wild is out. Solid neutral colors or delicate patterns are best choices for farmhouse valances.

French Country

The French country home is comfortable and very elegant when it comes to interior design. Country chic is another way to describe this décor theme, and it's not unusual to see vintage-style French furnishings mixed with contemporary casual furnishings and decorative accents. Adornments such as chandeliers, floral arrangements, mirrors and tasteful wall art help create a sense of luxuriousness.

Color hues are white, beige, light grey or various pastel shades of blue or green. French country curtains are similarly elegant, and valances can be plain or patterned as long as they captivate the eye and add beauty to the space. Consider choosing cheery floral patterns, crochet designs or tie-up valances for their unique shape.


Primitive home decors are all about going rustic in a big way. Primitive may conjure up thoughts of super minimalist roughing it, but that's not what it involves. Primitive is ultra-country and these rooms combine modern convenience with old-fashioned country style. Stepping into a primitive home is like going back in time 75 to 100 plus years. It's common to find weathered-look furnishings and decorative accents. A wood chest may serve as a coffee table and vintage-style lighting creates a warm glow.

In this environment, windows are decorated with primitive valances, which are valences featuring "throw-back" designs such as classic country checks, cute flowers, birds or even stars. The appeal is very Americana and valances can appear in kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms and living rooms depending on decorative preferences.

Valances and Sheers

Once you've chosen your valances, it's time to think about whether you want to enhance them with sheer curtains. Sheers are a great option when you want additional coverage for the window, but you don't want all the light blocked out. Sheers offer minimal light blocking and they add beauty to your chosen valance design without overpowering it. White sheers are the most common pairing, but you can opt for colored sheers that blend nicely with valances.

Valances and Curtains

Just because you opt for individual valances doesn't mean you can't pair them with curtains. It's common to pair valances with curtains, just make sure your colors aren't clashing. Unless you opt for a curtain and valance set, plain curtains without bold patterns are a safer choice, since they come in a wide range of colors. Besides, it's unlikely that you'll find an exact pattern match for valances and curtains bought separately from different manufacturers.

Valances and Blinds

Are you considering putting blinds on your windows? Or maybe you already have blinds on windows, but you're wondering if you can add valances too. For both instances, valances can give your windows and room décor added decorative appeal. In case you're wondering, yes, you can pair rustic valances with most types of blinds. The visual aesthetics are similar to sheer curtains, and valances won't interfere with the opening and closing of blinds. This pairing may require the installation of a rod, so be sure to measure windows for rod width before installing to ensure your rustic windows look remarkable.