Step into any living room and one of the elements that you notice pretty quickly are window treatments. That's because the style of curtains and curtain accessories help contribute to the room's decorative aesthetic. Here are some fresh window treatment ideas to try when you're ready for a decorative update.

Country Chic

Whether you live in a city or rural area, you can add touches of country chic to your living room in the form of curtains. The neat thing about this style is that you can interpret what casual chic looks like for you. For some people, country chic may be a paisley print in grey, for others it may be sheers with a cool print pattern or perhaps a set of long, elegant tab top curtains pooling on the floor. However you choose to define country chic, your choice adds beauty, warmth and refinement to your furnishings.

Color Blocking

Color blocking in clothing designs usually involves pairing bold colors such as red, blue and black together using a block style pattern. Alternatively, color blocking window treatments refers to pairing bright colors with neutrals to create a stunning contrast. An example of this is choosing pink curtains and white sheers, grey curtains with turquoise blue sheers or orange sheers with white sheers. Bright colors tend to pop out more when most of the backdrop is colored in neutral hues, giving the room more vibrancy.

Interesting Damask

The pretty damask pattern shows up a lot in curtains considered to be more on the elegant side. It's an old favorite that can elevate the richness of a room in no time. Yet sometimes even damask can seem a bit redundant, which is why it's nice to find damask patterns that do something interesting like add a border around each individual pattern. Also look for light-colored damask on dark backgrounds or vice versa. Creative damask designs can give your living room more flair.

Two-tone Lattice

If you're looking for a curtain pattern that adds vibrancy without sacrificing the casual chicness you prefer, consider choosing curtains with a two-tone lattice pattern. The interconnected energy of this pattern can be bold or subtle depending on your pattern choice. With just two colors, you can find colors that match the primary colors of your walls and perhaps your rugs too. Or choose a pattern with a bolder color such as blue, teal or pink for a knockout color contrast.

Two-tone Chevron

Chevron is a classic pattern that has a crispness to it that many people find appealing. There are many curtains featuring two colors such as grey/white, blue/white, tan/white and black/white, making it easy to find chevron curtains that complement the décor in most living rooms. This zigzag pattern can also be a welcome contrast for rugs with circles, squares or lines.

Bold Stripes

Consider dressing your windows with bold striped curtains in complementary colors. These curtains feature big, bold stripes with the darker color being grey, black or another neutral such as taupe. Because stripes are so dominant visually, this pattern choice works best when it's not competing with too many other decorative elements.

Captivating Texture Sheers

Sheer curtains are often favored for their delicate beauty. However, you now have an exciting alternative to plain sheers: sheers with intriguing texture. Sheers may feature a beautiful flower pattern, quaint butterflies or geometric shapes. Some contemporary designs feature patterns that resemble confetti, fairy dust or a collection of petals floating towards the ground. These sheers can inspire you to create a dreamy or glam mood.

Tie-up Quatrefoil with Bold Ribbon

If you desire fancier curtains for the living room, tie-up quatrefoil panels may be just the thing. This regal curtain features a lovely classic trellis design that usually comes in color hues of blue, green, grey, black and taupe. The attached ties bunch up the bottom, and you can add two bold colored ribbons (tied vertically) to each panel for enhanced beauty and charm.

Vintage Jacobean Floral

Rich, bold floral prints are what make vintage Jacobean curtain styles so appealing. If you enjoy the look of garden flowers in your home, this curtain style brings the uplifting warmth of natural beauty to your windows. Styles range from white sheers to pastels to bright colors.

Full-length Pleats

Give windows more depth and visual appeal by hanging curtains with pleats from top to bottom. To achieve a less formal flowing look, consider pinch pleat curtains made from soft fabrics or lightweight voile.

Light and Breezy with Rustic Blinds

Another great way to create a breezy, laidback window treatment is to combine soft, flowing white curtains with wooden or faux wood blinds. The contrast between dark and light and soft and textured slats is very eye-catching. This combination can transform your living room into a relaxing retreat. Add a ceiling fan and you're golden.

Gingham or Buffalo Check

No pattern represents country style better than good old-fashioned gingham a.k.a. buffalo check, but you don't want your living room to resemble a picnic table. So, if you love a nice check pattern in the longer lengths, go for neutral colors such as chic grey and white, earthy light green and white or taupe, ecru and beige.