When you have houseguests, why not treat them, and yourself, by providing a few minor things that will truly enhance their stay, and will make you quite the hostess too!
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  1. A bathrobe. It’s very cumbersome to pack your own bathrobe, so save your guests the hassle and leave one hanging in their room.

  2. Separate soaps. Make your bath feel like a hotel with private soaps for your guests. You can get scented soaps or just a sample pack of plain white bar soap. Have a small container of hand sanitizer on hand in the bedroom or bathroom as well.

  3. Extra toothbrushes. Sometimes guests forget to pack their toothbrushes, so you’ll be a hero if you have a couple of toothbrushes handy.

  4. Closet space and hangers. Hang plenty of empty clothes hangers in the closet for overnight guests to use. Purchase a dozen for a little over a dollar at your local discount store. Empty a couple of dresser drawers if your guests will be staying more than a night or two.

  5. Reading light and reading materials. Provide ample reading light so that guests who enjoy reading a bit before sleep can do so in comfort. Have a selection of reading materials nearby for just this purpose. Hang a floating bookshelf on the wall; it holds several books and saves space at the same time.

  6. The right furniture. Incorporate a bench or chair on which your guests can set their suitcase or sit to relax. A storage trunk or chest with a flat top, or a separate chair and ottoman are ideal for relaxing or dressing.

  7. Flower arrangements. Bouquets, a wreath, a strand of floral garland; try to incorporate one of these into a guest's space to add an air of freshness, no matter the season. 

  8. Snacks and water. Houseguests get hungry in the evening, just like everyone else. Place wrapped snacks, fresh fruit or cookies and a pitcher of water in the guest room.

  9. Personal touches in the bedroom. Fresh flowers on the nightstand table, a new box of Kleenex, a portable mirror and a trash can add extra convenience. A cabinet or room on a shelf offers your guest space for their toiletries, and a water glass (or two) is a must.

  10. The basics. A comfortable, supportive mattress, a cozy quiltclean sheets and clean towels go a long way. Make sure your guest room and bath are clean, free of clutter and are as spacious as possible.

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