Classic Painted Adirondack Footrest

USA made high quality outdoor seating, pressure treated and 98% knot free Adirondack Footrests are crafted from premium yellow pine. Each ottoman is sanded, primed and sealed before they are painted with a latex based weather resistant paint.
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Product Highlights
  • Made in USA of premium furniture grade lumber
  • Pressure treated yellow pine is 98% knot free
  • All bolts, washers, and nuts are hot dipped galvanized
  • CA Preservatives are environmentally friendly
Product Description

Classic Painted Adirondack Footrest
Slide into comfortable outdoor seating and kick your feet up on a footrest that is made to last. Sit back and relax as you watch a summer sunset, enjoy a day by the lake or provide more comfort for guests at a summer party. Built to coordinate with an Adirondack chair, the classic slatted design and bold color options will add a fun, timeless look to any patio furniture or deck chair. The classic Adirondack footrest is crafted out of high quality pressure treated yellow pine with a quality painted finish that will brighten up your yard and outdoor spaces. Each furniture piece is sanded, primed and sealed before painted with a latex based weather resistant paint. Teflon coated steel screws and galvanized bolts, washers and nuts enhance the durability and stability of the footrest on patios and softer ground surfaces. USA. 13"H x 20"W x 24"D