Chinese Checkers Game Board

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Regular Price: $89.95

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Quick Overview

  • Distressed and crackled for antique appeal
  • Play game or hang as decoration on wall
  • Game pieces and instructions included


Antiqued and distressed game boards are predecessors of the modern day variety. Chinese Checkers has 121 carved holes or indentations arranged to form a six-pointed star, and includes the game pieces and rules. Hang board on display after the game for playful wall art. Choose from Burgundy or Mustard. USA. 17" square.

Instructions and Video:

Each player starts with a set of ten marbles in one point of the star and, taking turns, tries to move them all into the opposite point directly across the board. You can move a marble in any direction, either into an adjacent empty hole or by jumping a line of your own or other players' marbles to reach an empty hole.

You can make continuous multiple jumps that go forward, sideways, or until you reach a spot where there are no more marbles to jump over. A move or jump is only to change position. You do not remove marbles that are jumped. Also, you are not allowed to keep marbles in your point simply to block your opponent from getting there.

The first player to move all his or her marbles across the board wins the game.

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