Celebrate Hearts

In honor of love and friendship, Sturbridge Yankee Workshop has a wonderful array of hearts for your year round home decor. Take a look below at the home accents and various hearts to find the combination that is right for you, a friend or your Valentine

Heart & Arrow BookendsFrom The Heart Pillow

Decorating with hearts is a versatile way to add charm to your home no matter the season, since hearts are an appropriate motif for all occasions.Transition out of your holiday decor into an every day look, then before you know it, you'll be ready in time for the Valentine's Day holiday.

All in all, we recommend keeping your heart themed decor up all year long to share the love for all to see.

Forged Heart Napkin Ring
Metal Heart Night LightIron Heart Bird Feeder

Lavender Heart Wreath Glass Heart Tealight Holders Set
Heart Handle Wood Tote

Heart History

Heart motifs are popular for year round decorating in many country homes as they symbolize love, emotion and affection. The origin of the heart shape, as used in symbolic form that we would recognize today, dates back to the 13th or 14th centuries. Prior to this point the classic heart shape was used as a symbol of foliage. It has only been in recent years, dating back to the start of the 19th century, that the heart symbol began to be more widely used in relation to romantic love and Valentine's Day.

Heart Of Paws Doormat Wrought Iron 4 Hook Key Rack

Heart & Bells Ornament Heart Shaped Birdbath
Heart to Heart

In modern times, the visual of a heart motif can encourage all sorts of emotions. You may look at a heart and feel a sense of welcoming, a reminder that love abounds in the home. Share these same feelings with guests who enter your home with a cherished piece that will look wonderful on display all year long. Wall art like our Eight Hearts Medallion will fill up blank wall space in any room, while the Wrought Iron Toilet Paper Holder, Towel Bar and Heart Wreath Hanger add country charm to your country home not just during the holidays but throughout the year.
Heart Garden Trellis
Eight Hearts Medallion Heart Wreath Hanger

Stained Glass Double Heart

Let the Love Shine Through

Our Stained Glass Hearts are handcrafted in the USA, and are perfect for hanging in windows, on doorknobs, or as gifts for a friend or loved one. The Double Heart is shown here on the left, but we also offer a singular one and a miniature version.

While perfect for Valentine’s Day decorating and gift ideas, this and other heart décor can be used as permanent, primitive, and cozy fixtures in your home.

Braided Heart Trivets

Hearts Abound

If you're looking for an easy way to decorate with hearts in a cohesive manner, you will like the Braided Heart Collection. Braided Heart Trivets, Braided Heart Rug and Braided Heart Placemats will add the perfect amount of heart themed decor to your kitchen or dining room. What better way to ensure your home exudes the country charm that hearts can bring? Trivets and placemats are made of a durable cotton blend, while the rug is constructed from eco-friendly, 100% jute fiber material that is long lasting and stands up to use.

Heart Rug Braided Heart Placemats