2X3 Casco Bay Rectangle Braided Rug

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2X3 Casco Bay Rectangle Braided Rug
The Casco Bay region in Maine has history dating back more than 450 years, and as residents of this region we are proud to offer a collection that exemplifies the rich traditions and heritage of that history. Our Casco Bay Braided Area Rugs feature a variety of colors within each color option that are unique in their own way, and look beautiful when admired together. A bold solid border wraps around each rug, pulling each braid and fiber together as one complete piece.

The soft wool fibers bring a comfort to your floors, staircases and chairs that can only be matched by the comforts of home; in Casco Bay and beyond. Ties on Chair Pad match the solid border of each color option. Professional cleaning recommended. Rug liner recommended. Sturbridge Yankee Workshop exclusive item. USA.