Bunny Night Light

Lithophane process is used in creating the translucency of porcelain bunny night light.
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Product Highlights
  • Created through an age-old lithophane process
  • Features a front entire porcelain panel
  • Design displays two bunnies in a flower field
  • 7W bulb max, with on/off switch in front
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Product Description

Bunny Night Light
The beauty of our Bunny Night Light comes from the complex lithophane process used to create it. The process begins with carving an image in beeswax. The translucency of the wax allows the artist to see the result of his labor as he works. A plaster casting is taken from this masterwork, then a fine porcelain paste is pressed into the mold. The panels are kiln fired to 2300. 7W bulb. Imported. 5"H x 3"W

When assembling it's important to note that no tools should be used to tighten, as over-tightening may crack the porcelain. To assemble, locate the two thumbscrews on the clip attached to the night light base. Unscrew them almost all the way out. Insert porcelain panel into the clip with the engraved surface facing away from the bulb. Hand tighten the thumbscrews.