Brass Message Board & Replacement Roll

Our unique and stylish brass message board requires no batteries or technology, just old fashion pencils and paper to help your family communicate like we've done for generations. Add charm and style to your kitchen. Order online today.
Item No: 61712X
$7.95 - $49.95
Product Highlights
  • Shiny brass finish adds vintage appeal
  • Built-in brass cup to hold writing utensils
  • Replacement roll includes metal bar
  • Includes one roll of paper
Product Description

Brass Message Board & Replacement Roll
Secure your to do lists and favorite writing utensils while adding antique charm to your kitchen or office space. Shiny, brassy finish adds vintage appeal. Organizer includes one roll of paper. Replacement paper roll includes metal bar. Imported. 12"H x 11"W x 3" D. brass, paper.