Braided Kitchen Accents

Country braided kitchen accents lend charm, durability and timeless style to your kitchen. Trivets, placemats and coasters will be as useful as they are lovely when entertaining guests and serving favorite dishes. Whether made of braided cotton or jute, these braided kitchen accents give your home that special finishing touch of cozy, welcoming comfort.
Black Star Placemat

Ebony Stars PlacematBird Nest Braided Jute Placemat
Braided Heart Placemats

Braided Placemats

Sweet accents for your year round table, or as a special addition for Valentine's Day, Braided Heart Placemats are the heart of country style. Casual dining is enhanced by soft muted colors braided into a heart shape with a variegated yarn appearance. Dress up your table for special occasions or relish in the sweet charm that these placemats offer all year long. Barn Star Jute Placemat is just right for farmhouse or rustic style kitchens, adding classic charm of 5-pointed stars to the center of a multicolored neutral braid. Blueberry Basket Placemat will enhance fruit themed kitchens.

Barn Star Jute PlacematBlueberry Basket Placemat

Braided Trivets and Coasters

For a sweet touch, let Braided Heart Trivets be the star of your dining and entertaining with their country style and pretty heart shape. Autumn Jute Trivet offers seasonal inspiration to keep your kitchen and dining areas fresh and up to date. Set your hot dishes on the trivets, or use them as coasters underneath a hot or cold beverage. You could also cleverly hang them on display for year round thematic decorating. Either way, these trivets will protect your tables and counter tops in style.

Autumn Jute Trivet
Braided Heart TrivetsEbony Stars Braided Trivet

Mermaid Braided Jute Hearth Rug

Accent Rugs

Keep a kitchen coordinated and full of thematic style when you choose coordinating braided accent rugs to accent your placemats and trivets in design, motif or color combinations. It is easy to see the charm of Distant Circles Braided Rug; its unique design stands out while complementing rustic home furnishings and earthy color tones. Our Ocean Breeze Jute Accent Rug combines cool blue with neutral braids for a pop of color, and the Patriotic Bouquet Jute Rug (shown here with close up detail) works well with Americana country style.

Green Shamrock RugVintage Bicycle Braided Jute Rug