Blackberry Port Jam

Our made in Maine, Blackberry Port Jam is a sweet , fresh tasting fruit filled jam for spreading on pancakes or waffles, and it also is a great topping for vanilla ice cream; 8.5 ounce jar of all natural, fat and salt free jam makes a great food gift.
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Product Highlights
  • All natural, fat free & salt free
  • Delicious on pancakes or waffles
  • Makes a nice gourmet gift idea
Product Description

Blackberry Port Jam
Our all natural Blackberry Port Jam is ideal for dressing up your ordinary toast or waffles. Use this delicious jam on anything you might normally put jam on for breakfast, but think outside the box and pair with biscuits and whipped cream for dessert too. Port wine and juicy blackberries make for a decadent combination. Jams like this one are great because they boast pieces of real fruit, to add even more flavor and texture to what you're eating. Ingredients include: cane sugar, blackberries, port wine and citrus pectin. This gourmet food item is wonderfully fat free and salt free. Refrigerate after opening. If not adding to your own pantry, pair with any of our other gourmet food items to create your own food gift basket for any occasion. Made in Maine, USA. 8.5 ounce jar.

~Recipe Idea: Blackberry Port Jam over Ice Cream

  • Combine 1 jar of Blackberry Port Jam with ½ cup of your favorite port wine.

  • Serve as is, or choose to simmer and serve warm.

  • Whichever your preference, take the final product and drizzle over scoops of a vanilla bean or other favorite ice cream.

  • Add whipped cream if desired and enjoy!