Birds in Home Decorating

Decorating with birds may seem like a modern trend, while in fact, the use of avian motifs dates back to prehistoric times. Here we have gathered history snippets of the use of our avian friends in home decorating trends along with some favorite bird themed options available at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop.
Iron Bird Bed

Going Back in Time

Bird motifs on pottery, tapestries and paper were popular in the 17th century. Ornate designs focused on life and emphasized fantastical imagery, with exaggerated whimsical features, soft colors and bucolic scenes. Flowers, vines and swirling shapes were popularized on wallpaper and tapestries used at this time. Our Bird Lace Tabletop Accents feature a form of this whimsical imagery, with trailing vines and delicate lace creating a soft, inviting appeal.

Bird Lace Table Topper
Terracotta Bird Rain GaugeBirds on Tree Lamp Finial

Birdcage Rug CollectionBackyard Party Birds Paper Placemat Pad
Moving Into the Victorian Age

By the time the Victorian age arrived, bird cages, or aviaries - larger cages allowing for free-flight - were becoming common household items for wealthy individuals and families.

Viewed as exotic, rare and difficult to obtain, owning a birdcage, especially one with birds on display, was a way to enhance your status. Bird Cages and Flowers Wall Border or the Handmade Bird Print Lamp will enhance any space in your home with fanciful charm and added color.

To My Valentine Pillar Candle
Bird Cages & Flowers Wall Border

Bird Nest Jute Braided PlacematCattail Chickadees Doormat

Jumping Forward to Modern Time

In the 1970's, owls became increasingly popular along with bold color and macrame. Today, owls are just as trendy, offering folk art, woodland and natural appeal for home decorators. Birds can be seen accenting many items around the home, from items such as pillows and chair pads, to lamps, night lights and more. The focus is more on realistic imagery; the use of popular textiles such as burlap and woven cotton with screen printed imagery and colors that work well with various styles.

Yellow Finches Throw Blanket
Hummingbird Sky Indoor/Outdoor PillowBluebird Solar Wall Sconce