Beautiful Blues

The color blue is quite often the favorite color of many people, and is seen in a lot of home decor. We see the deep shades of different blues represented in the ocean, and the soft hues of blue scattered across the sky. Two of our world's natural elements boast this peaceful and calming color, so consider a nature inspired feeling of the outdoors through use of the color blue in your home.
Mabel Macrame Window ValanceBlue for Your Windows

The country charm of our Mabel Macrame Curtain Collection brightens your home, giving each window and room a light and airy look. Our elegant Orleans Curtains are charming, affordable and extremely versatile. Featuring a gently scalloped trim for an added cafe appeal, the cotton/poly blended fabric also makes them easy to clean.

For the colder months, consider Solid Insulated Grommet Curtains, which come in a delightful shade of blue (bottom right).  Not only will the soothing color complement any room, these insulated curtains will also help lower your heating costs.

Orleans CurtainsSolid Insulated Grommet Curtains

Blue Bedding

Blue offers peace and tranquility for the mind, as the body actually does produce "calming" chemicals when exposed to or surrounded by the color. This is why you will find it common for blue to be the paint color choice in the bedroom. Your bedroom should be a space in your home where you can escape from the stresses of everyday life. With blue, that should be easy to do.

Seen here is our pretty Blue Dusk Toile Quilt Collection, the Williamsburg Blue Floral Patch Quilt Set and the Made in Maine Freeport Ticking Stripe Blanket; all blue and all extraordinarily comfortable.

Blue Dusk Toile Quilt Collection
Freeport Ticking Stripe BlanketBlue Floral Patch Quilt Set

Blue & White Round Placemat

Blue Accents

Brighten your mornings with vibrant blues in your kitchen, and relax in the evenings with a blue dining space. Bold blue is complemented by stark white on this Blue & White Round Placemat, instantly dressing up your table for a special event or displaying all year long with your country themes. Blueberry Basket Placemat adds a nice touch to any table or even for use as an oversized trivet. Sunflower & Blue Jay Sachet will offer delightful scents on display in a table as part of a centerpiece or in your table linens drawer.

Blueberry Basket PlacematSunflower & Blue Jay Sachet

Blue for Your Floors

We can't forget our floors when creating a blue themed room. Floor space can be a beautiful focal point of the home if highlighted correctly. Bold blue rug options are just the thing to create the sensation and mood you are looking for. Portico Cablelock Braided Rug can be used indoors or outdoors. The rug's cablelock braid offers a look much like a classic sailing rope; if you're looking to add a bit of nautical decor then this rug is for you. It is easy to choose rugs that will make a big impact, especially when they feature mutiple blue hues, like the Petit Point Floral Rug. For a braided option, try the Country Gold Round Braided Jute Rug with gold and cream complementing dark blue.
Country Gold Round Braided Jute Rug
Petit Point Floral Rug DetailPortico Cablelock Braided Rug

Pottery Utensil Holder in BlackberryTrue Blue

Studies show that people are more productive, think clearer and are more positive in a blue room. Adding favorite or favorable imagery to blue items can enhance these qualities anywhere in your home. In the kitchen, a blue utensil holder, canister or other accessory adds complementing color and functional quality to a counter, island or bar. Boston Common Chair Pads are available in blue to tie a room together and our Rustic Country Collection pieces are also offered in blue for a true country look.

Rustic Country Collection Jelly Hutch in BlueBoston Common Chair Pad

Happy Braids Solid Braided Basket in AquaBlue Boat On Deck Print
Edwardian Hearts Stained Glass Window PanelBlue Abounds

Gazing into someone's blue eyes, enjoying the lovely blue sky on a sunny day, celebrating the birth of a new baby, spending a day by the  shore - blue is a color of family, expansion, creativity and communication. Blue is comfortable, crisp and cool, like a new pair of  jeans or a delightful breeze; from a distance out in space, our planet  Earth is a swirly blue and white marble. Let  these beautiful blues inspire you, with the help of Sturbridge Yankee Workshop.

Hydrangea & Zinnia WreathPaisley Chair & Ottoman in Blue