Artist Suzanne Nicoll

A Natural Calling

Starting out by painting with her mother and always knowing she was meant to be an artist, Suzanne Nicoll focused her talent on studying textile design. Over 20 years later, she has been awarded and esteemed in the field of product design as well as the furnishings industry. Natural inspiration is apparent in her artwork, as is the creative uses of pattern, texture and color. From nature to varying seasons, lovable pet imagery to recreational activities, Suzanne Nicoll's designs will enhance the character and charm of your home in many ways. 


Rabbit Blossoms Hooked Wool Pillow
Seagull Sailor Gill Indoor/Outdoor Pillow Fox & Squirrel Reversible Pillow Side 2

Where Whimsy and Talent Meet

Suzanne Nicoll's artwork can be found on pillows, rugs, fabric and prints; her imaginative creativity and slightly whimsical designs are impressively portrayed on all of these mediums. She seems to know how to attain just the right balance between her personal style and classic looks for anyone’s home through the use of vibrant colors and simple images, or breathtaking depictions with charming and unexpected accents.

Dutch Tulip Plaque
Hydrangea Flower Blossoms Hooked Wool Pillow Winter French Bulldog Hooked Wool Pillow