East Coast Folk Artist Phyllis Stevens

Lasting Treasures

Phyllis is an accomplished folk artist who loves the challenge of translating what she sees in real life to a design on paper. She is inspired daily by taking nature walks surrounding her home, her friends and family, and treasured time spent - especially with her grandchildren - while sharing meals around the dinner table. Phyllis loves warming the homes of others with the art she creates and hopes to continue to do so for many years to come. From chairs and tables to the floors in every room, Phyllis Stevens' nature-inspired, colorful and sometimes whimsical designs can be incorporated into any home.

Geranium Braided Jute Trivet

Warm Inspiration

Phyllis particularly loves the warm colors that Summer and Autumn bring each year, offering her inspiration to draw from for such designs as those seen here. In Autumn Leaves Rug, we see a swirl of pretty fall maple and oak leaves in earthy shades of crimson, gold and brown, scattered amongst acorns and bordered in a braided trim of red, orange and green. The Geranium Trivet offers rusty reds, browns and brilliantly blooming flowers for adding color and comfort to any counter or tabletop. 

Poinsettia Patch Oval Jute Rug