Amish Star Barn Print

Artist Billy Jacobs created this print, Amish Star, and is most famous for his authentic and tranquil American landscapes from areas of Pennsylvania and Ohio; we feature the textured print in a black frame with brown trim detail
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Product Highlights
  • Artist ©Billy Jacobs
  • Bold star pattern quilt draws your eye
  • Conveys a simpler time
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Product Description

Amish Star Barn Print

Bright light greets the side of the large red barn and filters through the nearly leafless autumn colored trees in the foreground. On the side of the barn most facing the viewer, a bold star patterned quilt is displayed for all to see. Quilt imagery on barns has been prevalent for hundreds of years, thought to have originated in Pennsylvania. Various quilt patterns may have even been used to distinguish the family residing in the home. The barn appears to be in fine shape, and the open mail box indicates that perhaps the owners have just retrieved the day’s mail.

Well-known artist Billy Jacobs is most famous for his authentic American landscapes from areas of Pennsylvania and Ohio. His imagery conveys a very folk art feel, and provides a sense of tranquility and peace to the viewer. Like a snapshot in time, this print will make you feel as though you, too, have wandered into this landscape to take a peek at what the primitive life has to offer. Textured print is set in a black frame with brown detail. To clean, lightly dust with a dry, soft cloth. USA. 16"H x 22"H