A Winter Wonderland

White in all its Glory

When it comes to winter decorating, there are many ways to highlight your home in its best light this season. Saturate your home accents in white, or consider complementary color palettes. For example, silver and gold are perfect for accenting your decor and our Winter Wonderland of home furnishings and decoratives shown below. Choosing only a few colors to shine here and there creates a cohesive and more formal look throughout your home. The contrast between these subtle but beautiful hues and the rest of your decor, will show off a truly classic look. Think about ways to incorporate white, silver and gold in all areas of your home, and don't forget about green and red when Christmastime arrives.

Winter Frame


Arrange a seasonal wreath on your front door or interior door with a decorative holder to enhance the charming appearance of the display. with an overall antiqued appearance. Our Snowflake Wreath Holder, pictured here to the right, is crafted out of recycled steel and is also available in silver.

For other snowflake inspired accents, we turn to our Winter Lace Curtains for shimmering look in a family room or bedroom, and the Snowman Welcome Lighted Canvas Wall Art in an entryway or foyer. Exuding peacefulness, the wintery colors make beautiful statements during the season.

Snowflake Wreath Holder
Winter Lace CurtainsSnowman Welcome Lighted Canvas Wall Art

Ombre Horizon Wool Rug

Frosty Flooring

The floor space is often an area overlooked in home decorating, but it's one of the first places your guests will notice if left untouched. For your Winter Wonderland decor theme, consider the soft, calming colors of the colder months to enhance the room's beauty.

Shown here to the left is our Ombre Horizon Wool Rug that features an ombre effect from white to blue; overall a wintry, neutral color palette.

White Accents

Continuing on with our Winter Wonderland theme, we share with you our Swan Sculpture. Let this remarkable resin carved sculpture of a swan grace your home this season. With the appearance of wood, the beautiful swan features a chipped paint application resulting in a worn, antiqued look. The distressing achieved allows for black paint underneath to be shown, which creates texture similar to the bird's feathers. White bedding and furniture also cater to a winter wonderland look, and can freshen up any room all season long.

Lillian Chenille Bedding

Copper Wire LED LightsSnowflake Tree

A Soft Glow

In terms of lighting your Winter Wonderland, use white tree lights to highlight different areas of your home. String lights close together to enhance either a large picture window or your stair case. Our Copper Wire LED Lights are perfect for this, and for placing in glass jars for extra country appeal. The White LED Christmas Trees and our LED Snowflake Tree provide additional twinkling illumination, and are just as decorative when they aren't aglow. These and other glittery lighting options will add to the warm ambiance of your home this winter.

White LED Tree Lights