Twas The Night Before Christmas Print

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  • Artist Charles Wysocki
  • Giclee print, textured finish
  • Set in a black frame with brown detail; 19.5" square

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Twas The Night Before Christmas Print


Ready or not, this print will put you in the holiday spirit with its unmistakable folk art charm. Bundle up in your holiday best and grab your luggage, for the “New England Taxi” is ready to go! With sleigh bells jingling and horse hooves trotting along, the guests inside the white carriage are hustling off to their holiday gathering places to greet family and friends just as merry as they are. On the side of the carriage we see a bright red heart on one panel, and a festive wreath on another, both bordering the number 7 on the door of the buggy. In the back of the transport we see two young children with their teddy bear enjoying the sight of two greyhounds chasing the red and green balloons dangling from the back of the taxi.

We also see two carriages, one full of merry folk, and another full of seasonal gifts for friends and family. The building behind the taxi has a large sign that reads “Welcome Friends. Thunder Island Falls”, and greets all those who pass by. Cold winter white is the theme of this painting, with long icicles accenting the many structures, and trampled snow looking glossy and slick on the ground. A large amount of bold red northern cardinals are perched in various locations throughout the print for a bright pop of color that stands out against the otherwise muted imagery. Hints of vibrant colors are also found on the clothes that we see the villagers wearing. Amazing time period details were originally painted by the talented Charles Wysocki. Giclee print has a textured finish. Set in a black frame with brown trim detail. USA. 19.5" square.

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