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Regular Price: $119.95

Sale Price: $49.99


Quick Overview

  • Please note: 30", no longer available
  • Inspired by colonial candle lanterns
  • Base finished in solid brass with textured glass panes
  • Hinged door opens for a night light bulb


Inspired by colonial candle lanterns, our Sturbridge Lantern Lamps add a touch of nostalgic artistry to any room. Base is finished solid brass with textured glass panes. Hinged door opens for night light bulb, resembling the glow of a candle. Lamps feature top bulb for a second source of light for reading, sewing, or to brighten dark areas. Bulbs not included. Choice of Brass, Bronze, Red and Verdigris. Imported.

  • Choice of Brass, Bronze, Red or Verdigris.
  • 60W bulb, 7W nightlight bulb
  • 16.5"H
  • Shade: 8"H x 10" diameter, round
  • Cord switch

  • Choice of Brass, Bronze, Red or Verdigris
  • 150W bulb, 7W nightlight bulb
  • 3-way switch
  • Base: 7"W x 5.75"D, Overall: 23"H
  • Shade: 11"H x 14" square
  • Cord switch

  • Choice of Brass, Bronze, Red or Verdigris
  • 150W bulb, 7W nightlight bulb
  • 3-way switch
  • Base: 9.25"W x 8"D, Overall: 30"H
  • Shade: 14"H x 18" sqaure
  • Cord switch
Disappointed Review by Claudia
I purchased two of the large "red" lamps, and like some of the other reviews have stated, they are not red...they are brownish looking. One arrived damaged with broken glass but they replaced the glass. Three weeks later one of the lamps doesn't work at all. I am very disappointed. (Posted on 6/3/14)
Love this Lamp!! Review by Angela
Ordered two of these in the Bronze color, medium size...Order arrived quickly and I immediately took them out and put together. Fit perfectly on each side table next to my couch. Based on previous reviews, I was a little worried about what the craftsmanship would look like but I was very, very pleased! I have been wanting these lamps for years and I couldn't pass up the lower price! I am so happy that I purchased these...they are my new favorite lamp!! Unfortunately, when I unpacked one of them I found one of the glass panes was cracked in two pieces. I called customer service right away and explained the situation. They were very helpful and told me they'd be sending me out another piece of glass. Two days later, that piece of glass arrived...I popped it in it's place and now the lamp is perfect!! I have no complaints about these lamps or the customer service I received. I may even be ordering another lamp, the small one, to use as an accent because I just love them so much!! (Posted on 3/13/14)
Disappointed! Review by Rebecca
I ordered the large lamp in bronze. I agree with a previous review, IT IS HUGE!! The lampshade is too big and I don't like the light color. I ordered it for my living room but it will be used in my guest bedroom because of lack of quality. The base has a scratch and the finish is crackled but it is to the back so I won't see it. If I could return it without the big shipping fee, I would have done so. This is my first unsatisfactory product received from Sturbridge. I have learned my lesson. I will never order a lamp online again. (Posted on 1/17/14)
Very disappointed Review by Rebecca
After wanting this lamp for years, I finally ordered the barn red 23" lamp. I had read the reviews & knew I was risking disappointment . This lamp is made in India & is very cheaply made. The red is brown & poorly painted. The base is also poorly stained/ painted with splotches. The metal is thin & the glass panes very thin. Also the metal lantern is crooked on the base. I think a child assembled this lamp. I am returning it & the shade( which was way too big ) & not paying postage for delivery or return. Next lamp I buy will be purchased in a store where I can see the quality .
(Posted on 10/20/13)
Received Defective and Used Review by Deborah
Ordered this lamp in the medium size. The switch was stripped and it would not turn on. Took it to a electrical repair shop, because I like the lamp and thought it would be an easy fix. Electrician informed me that someone had replaced the fuse with a 3 way. It never would have worked since the lamp is a 2 way. He said it was not worth replacing because of the expense involved in re-wiring the entire lamp. Obviously someone had tried to repair this lamp and had no idea what they were doing. I got a used and defective lamp. Never have had such poor quality in an item. It was not only used, the replacement fuse which made the lamp inoperable, made the item useless. A total lack of quality control or caring about the product being sent out. Did Sturbridge really think this was ok? I threw away the box and receipt but am calling to demand a refund of my hard earned money. Disappointed in how shoddy this company has become. They can have their piece of junk back at their expense, just hope they don't pawn it off on the next unsuspecting consumer. (Posted on 10/1/13)
Not happy with second lamp Review by Mary
I purchased a second 23in verdigris lamp and found it quite different from the one I purchased last winter. The main difference is in the color of the shade. Although pictured with a light ivory shade the second lamp shade is several shades darker making the lamps look very dissimilar. The discription did not indicate the color of the shade and this one dark tan shade looks ridiculous in the same room. Very disappointed and have learned not to buy online from here again. (Posted on 9/1/13)
Disappointed Review by Karen
After reading all the mixed reviews I went ahead and ordered this lamp for our 5th wheel. I ordered the small lamp. First, the color called red is anything but red. I would call it brown. Second, the paint job is sloppy at minimum. This turned out to be a very cheesy looking lamp - maybe it looks nicer in the larger versions. I am keeping it out of necessity but after admiring this lamp for many years it is a huge disappointment. (Posted on 8/14/13)
Quality <> Price - misleading Review by Sidney
Extremely disappointed. The "Bronze" was poorly spraypainted black sheet metal. The door doesn't close correctly and you have to use two switches to control the night light versus the lamp. The lamp will NOT work with energy efficient bulbs. I wish I had returned it - but boxes were distroyed too soon. (Posted on 4/8/13)
23"Lamp Review by EdnaB
I have the 23" BRASS Lamp and love it. It adds so much to my livingroom. Am thinking about ording another either the same size or the smaller brass lamp. EdnaBWhitmore (Posted on 4/2/13)
23"Lamp Review by EdnaB
I have the 23" BRASS Lamp and love it. It adds so much to my livingroom. Am thinking about ording another either the same size or the smaller brass lamp. EdnaBWhitmore (Posted on 4/2/13)
Love the Lamp; Disappointed w/color Review by Pamela
I ordered 2 lamps in Oil Rubbed Bronze and loved them, so I ordered the RED lamp for my entryway. Per the website and numerous catalogs that I have received over the years, the RED lamp has always been pictured as a vivid red, a contrast to the wood base. I waited 7 weeks for the RED lamp to come in and was very disappointed that the RED was more like a brown-same color as the wood base. When I called, customer service did not seem to care and when I inquired if they were going to ever get the lamp in RED as pictured, I was told no-that is just the color. Very disappointed. (Posted on 3/30/13)
I purchase two of the large lamps in 2000. The are still as beautiful today as they were when I got them. I did order replacement shades just about 6 months ago. I will keep these forever. I have had so many compliments on these lamps. (Posted on 3/25/13)
Love these lamps! Review by Cathy
After reading multiple negative reviews about this product, I was very nervous about ordering it. But I noticed that more recent reviews were more positive, and figured that maybe the shipping issue which seemed to be many peoples problem had been resolved. So I decided to take a chance and order a pair of the medium verdigris lamps. And I'm very glad that I did!

The lamps arrived by Fed Ex less than a week after I ordered them. They were well packed, and in perfect shape. I was able to unpack and set up both lamps and a matter of minutes. They look exactly like the picture, and are beautiful in our bedroom.

I am very pleased with this product, and with the rapid delivery. I would definitely order from this company again
(Posted on 12/28/12)
Absolutely love it! Review by France
This lamp is the perfect addition to our livingroom and the red is perfect. I was a bit nervous about placing my order because some of the reviews but I was extremely happy with the service I received. My lamp arrived sooner than I expected. Excellent shopping experience and I will be back! (Posted on 10/27/12)
Love it! Review by Teresa
I concur with the below review. I was very skeptical to order this lamp that I have admired for a long time after reading the negative reviews. Thanks to my daughter who said, "just order it," I am so glad I did. I am very pleased with the quality of the lamp and the lightning speed delivery. I would recommend to family and friends. I love the lamp and was thinking of extra touches that I could do during the holidays to enhance the base. The lamp is large, and the lamp shade is really large. I do think the shade could be scalled down a little, but by no means is that a negative remark, just a suggestion. Please don't be swayed by the negativety of others! You will love it! (Posted on 8/27/12)
Very pleased Review by Pennypan
After reading the negative reviews for this light, I was hesitant to order it. But I was very well pleased with the quality of the lamp and the lightning speed delivery. Would recommend to friends. (Posted on 5/24/12)
finally here Review by linda
after waiting what seems like forever i finally got my lamp. very dissapointed! i ordered 2 of the same lamps 5 yrs ago and this new one doesn't look anything like the older 2. it's suppose to be bronze, but it looks black. it's too tall and the shade won't sit straight on it. i wanted this lamp to match the other 2 in my livingroom. my husband says send it back. i probably will, even if i have to pay the postage. what a huge dissapointment :( for the price it should have been perfect in every way!!! (Posted on 3/27/12)
Where are Red Lamps Review by Susan
I ordered a New Color red lamp and 2 light bulbs On Jan 1,2011. The online order said the lamp was in stock. I was not even notified that it was on back order and was charged $34 dollars for 2 -$2.59 light bulbs. After calling I was finally told the lamp would be in sometime in May and the shipping charge was for the lamp which at this point I am not sure if it will ever be in!
I cancelled the entire order and sent back the light bulbs then waited two weeks for a refund. I consider this to be a very bad company to do business with.
(Posted on 3/27/12)
1st time customer Review by Tom
As a first time customer you have lost me forever. The lamp was in the catalog with absolutely no notification that there were none in stock and that delivery would be awhile. Also when ordering online i believe i had to go through the entire process of filling everything out for the order, including paying for it, when a notice finally pops up indicating it is not in stock and it could be 5-6 weeks for delivery. Poor poor, business practices in this economy. After the second notice that there would be a further delay in delivery I cancelled, and after reading the other reviews, am glad that i did. good luck, very poor customer service skills regarding ownership and management. The actual customer service reps were polite.

They say 1st impressions are the most important, well guys you blew it.
(Posted on 3/27/12)
Where are the lamps? Review by Tawnya
I can't wait for the lamps I ordered for my mother for Christmas to actually show up at her door. I ordered them back in October. Why are they still available in the catalog and online, yet they are not being delivered? Each month we get a new backorder notice. Not the Christmas I thought it would be...disapointed, but still want those lamps.... (Posted on 3/27/12)
Got it! Review by Dianne
Yay! I ordered this lamp back in NOVEMBER...didn't get it til early February and it arrived broken so had to wait all over again with more shipping delay notices. It came today and I really like it, but I too wonder why the company still pictured it in the catalog if it was on backorder so long. Want another one and some other things from SYW, but I'm a little hesitant to order again. (Posted on 3/27/12)
Quality and Color Changed Review by Anne Greenwald
I bought one of these lantern lamps 8 years ago and love it! I wanted 2 more of the larger ones. I did have to wait a long time, but I did not mind, because Sturbridge Yankee has always been great to work with and products are nice. However, when I received them, the quality just wasn't the same. Color was supposed to be bronze, as stated in the catalog. It said black on the box. I was sorry to return them, but the cost did not match the quality. (Posted on 3/27/12)
Entry Light Review by Carol
I bought the small lantern lamp to put on a hall table in the main entry of my home. It lights the foyer when you come in at night. I really like my lamp. (Posted on 3/27/12)
Disappointing Review by Shirley Causey
Ordered the largest lamp in verdigris. The color was almost baby blue , no green on it, and the lamp shade was entirely too big. Looked nothing like the picture. The shade was too big! I am not happy with it, but did not want to have to pay return postage so kept it. Should have returned it. (Posted on 3/27/12)
Waiting Review by Cindy
I ordered one of these pretty lamps months ago...I keep getting backorder notices. Why is it still in the catalog if it isn't in stock? Still waiting!! (Posted on 3/27/12)
looks cheap Review by Anne Monahan
I ordered the medium size in brass but the brass is really a brushed finish which looks cheap and thin (kind of tinny). The shade is not of the quality I expected for the price. The shade that came with lamp was stained (1"x3" moldy grey blotch) and customer service did quickly replace it. Now I wish I'd asked for a credit to buy a nicer shade. The nightlight feature is good but there's one of those cheesey on cord switches (a la Walmart) to control the whole light. Overall, I'm disappointed in this lamp. I expect better from Sturbridge for the price. (Posted on 3/27/12)
Beautiful on a mantel Review by Florence
I have two of the medium lamps on my big fireplace mantel. They look perfect, and the light they cast is pleasant without being glary (since you're looking straight at them at eye level). They always bring admiring remarks. (Posted on 3/27/12)
Beautiful Lamp Review by Peggy Carney
Love my lamps. They are each on night stands by the bed. Night light feature is especially nice for those who need to get up at night. (Posted on 3/27/12)
Pleased!!!!!!! Review by Joan Schneider
Hi I Ordered the lamp, which have admired for 2 years, at last a sale!! $50,00 dollars off! I got the large in red and it goes wonderfully with Americana Antiques. Thanks so much for the sale price at last! I love, love love it! Joan (Posted on 3/27/12)
Love it! Review by Linda
Ordered the really large lamp in brass and it is very pretty (though huge!). Fortunately, just the right size for the space. I did read the other reviews, but think the shade and finish look really nice. we did not order the small lamp bulb and should have - cannot find a candle looking light in 7W anywhere. A clear, small nightlight looks pretty nice, though. (Posted on 3/27/12)
Love this lamp Review by Patty
I had admired this lamp for a very long time. Recently, when redecorating this was one of the first things I ordered. It is perfect and I receive a lot of compliments. Also got it at the sale price! (Posted on 3/27/12)
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