Lighted Snowball

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Quick Overview

  • Specs of glitter catch and disperse the light
  • Sturdy metal cage forms the ball shape
  • 20 LED lights provide a soft glow
  • Not recommended for outdoor use; wall plug cord
Lighted Snowball


Bring everything you love about snow inside your home this season, without the melted mess! When you were younger, you most likely reveled in making snowballs as big as possible so that you could toss them into the air to burst on the first solid object encountered. With a soft glow from the 20 LED lights inside, this accent piece is reminiscent of winter days of yore. Snowball frame is crafted from a metal mesh that forms the circle shape. Attached in a thick pile over the frame of the snowball are short strands of white sisal, almost like tinsel in texture, that feel like crunching, frosty snow.

Lights inside the wire cage provide a warm mood lighting when lit. Specs of opalescent glitter and clear beads are present throughout the snowball for a charming and whimsical effect. Hang this snowball in your home this season and delight your guests when the sparkling features catch and disperse the light from the interior of the ball. You could even use several snowballs to create a dramatic effect in your entryway. White wall plug cord, at 50" long, is easy to tuck out of sight. Not recommended for outdoor use. A replacement fuse and two replacement lights are included. To clean, lightly dust with a dry cloth. Imported. 9" diameter

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