Artist Ron Schmidt

The Gift of a Camera

At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we are proud to introduce to you, another great artist: Ron Schmidt. Ron is unlike our other artists, in that his specialty is photography. The subject of his photos are none other than man's best friend. Ron has had an interest in being a photographer ever since his Uncle Ross gave him an old Yoshika camera one Christmas. His first photos were of his dog Nicki during a mini "wildlife exploration." Ron went on to study at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA where he was able to gain the training and professional skills needed to pursue his career.

He began in New York City, assisting celebrity and high fashion photographers but he knew there was more he wanted to accomplish with his work; so in 1999, he transitioned into commercial photography. Ron continued working until he found his niche while making holiday greeting cards for his friends and family. His love for photography and dogs had finally materialized into something he and the people around him knew would be a success; something that only the little boy in suburban New Jersey could have dreamed of.

Labs in Canoe Print Labs Fetch Print
Lab Prints

At Sturbridge, we offer a collection of Ron Schmidt prints as well as t-shirts that have high quality screen prints of his photos. Pictured above is our Labs in Canoe Print, which displays two happy labs in pursuit of their tennis ball. Ron captures the reflection in the water as well as the determination on the dogs' faces. Also seen above is our Labs Fetch Print. Here are the same two labs excited to be in the back of a blue pick-up truck. They don't know where they're going but they are all ready for a game of fetch with their frisbee and ball. Details are seen in the grain of the winding road as well the rich colors used.

A Man's Best Friend

The Schmidt family dog's name is Sam and he surely provides inspiration to the comical and realistic photos taken by Ron. They say he is a laid back dog with a gentle soul and adds to the family dynamic; which also includes Ron's wife, Amy and their children Rory and Tess. Ron's company, Loose Leashes, launched in 2005 from the interest received with his four legged photography. The unusual circumstances and unlikely expressions that are captured in his photos are delightfully refreshing. He features a human like quality not always seen in are canine friends.

The Schmidt family and Loose Leashes are very committed to animal welfare issues and a portion of all of their sales are donated to causes that support animal rights. Thank you Ron Schmidt for allowing us to share your passion with all of us dog lovers at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop.