Artist Bonnie Fisher


Bonnie Fisher has always had a passion for art, painting and, in particular, the use of watercolor. “Watercolor has been my favorite medium since high school, when I used to drive out to farms and paint in the car on weekends," she recalls. She studied at Moore College of Art in Pennsylvania and graduated with a major in in Illustration and a minor in Fine Art. After completing her B.F.A., she would go on to work as a freelance illustrator and watercolor artist for over 25 years.

Her work can be found in a number of art galleries and has been featured in several art shows around the country. Bonnie's rural country paintings have been adapted to other household accents such as calendars, books and greeting cards. Other hobbies include bird watching, gardening, and caring for her many pets. Bonnie enjoys working from home where her workspace provides both creativity and inspiration. "I try to express my appreciation for God’s creations and love for the world in my work," Bonnie says about her love for the surrounding environment. Bonnie's artwork is highly recognizable in the folk art and Americana art community. She appreciates the stillness of farm life and captures the beauty of such places throughout all seasons.

American Barn Print
A Tribute to the American Barn

Shown above on the left is our American Barn Print. Capturing a moment on the farm in early spring, we note a faded American flag on the white concrete portion of the barn, and a rusted barn star above the barn doors; making this truly an "American Barn." Six gentle sheep graze in the foreground, while one little one down the hill hurries up the grassy fields to catch up.

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